Meaty Fishy Boilies Recipe – MFM

This is the most simplest boilie recipes I have ever created, talking to a fellow angler the other day, he said he met a guy who owned a bait company and his advice was to keep boilie mixes very simple then tweek it. He also advised using half of the mix to be semolina to create a great binding mix. I believe this to be my best boilies yet but yet to test them but rolling them was such an ease.

Recipe for ruffly a kilo:

Egg/liquid mix:

  • 2 large eggs
  • Tea spoon of Mainline Mediterranean Shellfish
  • Tea spoon of garlic paste
  • Tea spoon of tabasco
  • Tea spoon of Lea and Perrins (worcester sauce)
  • Red food dye

Simple boilie base mix:

  • 8oz Semolina
  • 8oz Meaty groundbait (I used one from my local farm shop Rokers)

To follow my results of the this bait please look of for the tag #MFM on the right hand side.


14lb 14oz mirror carp

14lb 14oz mirror carp

More coming soon…