Hot and Spicy Boilies – #CHILLIMIX1 Revisited

hot and spicy boiliesAfter a couple of years of experimenting with different boilie recipes, I have come full circle revisiting one of my first recipes as I had a lot of success on them.

As the CHILLIMIX1 was one of my first recipes but lacked in experience of bait making behind it so I have tweaked it so it will roll better and hopefully be even more successful.

And I have to say the finished results look great, a really solid boilie and they absolutely stink without even soaking them in any liquids, they also have a natural colour and oily tinge that should leak off favour into the layers drawing the carp to feed on the bottom.

Carp love all things spicy so this recipe is a real winner so give it a go!

The Recipe

Designed for a 500g mix

Dry Mix

Semolina – 230 g
Soya – 105g
Maize Meal – 75g
Milk powder – 40g
Wheat Germ – 25g
Curry Powder – 20g
Piri Piri Powder – 5g
2 teaspoons of chilli flakes

Liquid Mix

4 eggs per 500g mix
A touch of red dye
10ml of oil(hemp or sunflower)

Dry for 24 hours then freeze, ready for when you next go fishing.

Top Tip:

To get a better roll try adding the basemix to the egg mix instead of the other way round. Add 2 or 3 scoops of dry mix then mix it into the liquid egg mix then repeat the process until you get the desired doughy texture.

The Video

I thought I would do something a little different for this post so check out this video of me making the ‘Hot and Spicy’ boilies.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and if you fancy giving it a go and have a great result on it please leave a comment below I would love hear about it.

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Results on the CHILLIMIX1

I thought I will add a nice 14lb 5oz mirror carp I caught on the chilli boilies and I used a CHILLIMIX1 tipped with yellow plastic corn and prebaited the swim with CHILLIMIX1 a day before (first time I have done this and its well worth it!)


Killer chilli boilies (CHILLIMIX1)

This was the first boilies I made and are great on most waters and u can you can use any household items and when ever I use them I catch 🙂

50% semolina

20% rice flour

30% soya flour

Chopped and blended fresh chillies and chilli flake or just chilli flakes

Hot curry powder

Add Tabasco and red dye to the eggs

Dry for 24 hours then freeze for your next session.


I have recently updated this recipe as this was one of my first recipes I ever posted and I’ve learnt so much more about making boilies. Please check out ‘HOT AND SPICY BOILIES – #CHILLIMIX1 REVISITED‘ which also includes a helpful video.