5 quick top tips for modern carp fishing

Here my top 5 tips for carp fishing that I really wanted to share and hopefully you will take something away from this article to improve your own carp fishing sessions.

1: Research and Preparation


I would say this is one of the most important things for me is research and preparation. If I turn up to a lake without this I feel less confident and will end up spending more time sorting rigs etc on the bank. Doing at least an hour of research before heading off to the lake can give you an idea of how your going to approach the lake. Being prepared before you start your session can save you a lot time on the bank and you can also get started a lot quicker which is ideal for a day ticket or even a 24 hours session. The things I prepare are rigs, bait, organising my gear, food for my session, clothes, the address of the venue I will be be fishing at. I guess this also goes in the preparation category but having things like bank sticks prepared and also rods set up can save you even more time.

2: Make some time to talk to other anglers on the lake

I have found through years of fishing is that other anglers love to talk. Finding out what and where they have caught and the methods that are successful for them can really help your own angling, I have learnt alot from just asking people how they have done on the lake. You can learn new rigs and baits that you can add to your armoury and possibility help you catch more on the venue you choosing to fish.

3: Find the fish!

Carp Fishing

A big tip for especially the colder months is finding the fish, its all well and good fishing in the winter but you’ll be wasting your time if your not on the fish. Always keep a look out on the venue to see if your can spot fish cruising or jumping around which normally indicates the position where there feeding.

4: Be mobile

Don’t be scared of moving around if your not on the fish, I always try to fish off the barrow when possible so I can easily move swim if need to be. If you can bait up various swims that can also be helpful, even baiting up a few margin spots can be a life saver. Try to make time to have a complete walk around the lake this can give you a great overview of the venue and help you pick out other possible swims to fish.

5: Record your session

Record your fishing session on your phoneRecording your session can really help future sessions, recording your captures and fishery details can be very useful to look back on in future trips to the venue. Back in the day I used a small book then I started trying out mobile alternative to log my capture details but I found nothing that is ideal Uk anglers fishing the venues I normally to fish, so using my skills from my day job as a Web Developer I have created a project that every angler can use. Its basically a tool that you can record your captures, fishery details and join other anglers like you to share information and tips.

Catch App is currently in development and always looking for anglers to test it before it goes live to the public. If you want to know more about this useful fishing tool visit here http://signup.catch-app.co.uk/ and you can follow the digital logging book tool for anglers on twitter https://twitter.com/CatchAppUK .

If you have any other tips you wish to add and share to this article please comment below.