Meaty Polony Boilie Recipe

22lb14lbmirror-chequertreeAfter a successful few weeks using luncheon meat to catch carp to 23lb I decided I need to revisit my meaty type boilie base mixes.

Recently I watched Bait-tech’s new dvd Carp Catchers 3, they explained that their new polony boilie most of the favour and additives are created in the base mix, not in liquid flavours so I thought I’d challenge myself to make a smelly meaty boilie but create most of the flavour in the base mix.

So where did I start?

Well like all boilie recipe quests I start by doing some research online. I found out some of the herbs and spices used in spiced meats so I could hopefully recreate the favour in this new boilie recipe.

Here’s the recipe I created:

Semolina: 400g
Soy Flour: 200g
Fishmeal: 250g
Wheatgerm: 50g

Herbs to add to basemix:
1ts Ground Fenugreek
1ts Ground Nutmeg
1ts Ground Coriander
1ts Ground Cumin
1ts Ground Cloves
1ts Turmeric Powder

Liquid Mix
4/6 eggs

I’ve used this a few times and caught a few carp on it but haven’t invested a lot of time testing it so if you give it a go please let me know how you get on with it.

If you’re using this bait in the summer month I would try soaking the boilies in oil or wash them out with lake water to enhance the flavours.

Thanks for reading my new recipe and good luck!


Meaty Fishy Boilies Recipe – MFM

This is the most simplest boilie recipes I have ever created, talking to a fellow angler the other day, he said he met a guy who owned a bait company and his advice was to keep boilie mixes very simple then tweek it. He also advised using half of the mix to be semolina to create a great binding mix. I believe this to be my best boilies yet but yet to test them but rolling them was such an ease.

Recipe for ruffly a kilo:

Egg/liquid mix:

  • 2 large eggs
  • Tea spoon of Mainline Mediterranean Shellfish
  • Tea spoon of garlic paste
  • Tea spoon of tabasco
  • Tea spoon of Lea and Perrins (worcester sauce)
  • Red food dye

Simple boilie base mix:

  • 8oz Semolina
  • 8oz Meaty groundbait (I used one from my local farm shop Rokers)

To follow my results of the this bait please look of for the tag #MFM on the right hand side.


14lb 14oz mirror carp

14lb 14oz mirror carp

More coming soon…

Using Vitalin in a boilie base mix

Vitalin BoiliesHi Guys I thought I’ll add a post about my recent experiment to add vitalin to a boilie basemix. Because of the large bits in vitalin a blender is needed. Blend for about a good 15 minutes then removed the bigger bit with a sieve as this will effect your rolling for the boilie mix. I put together a mix today which I think is gonna be killer on the lakes and hopefully will be testing it soon. Look out for the tag #MVM

The ingredients for this mix are: