Indian Spice Cell Boilie Recipe

IMG_9656As some of you are aware I’m a big fan of Mainline’s Indian Spice so you would probably guess I would be using this attractant somewhere in my baits this year and your right.

I have been a little quite on this blog for a while now as I’m preparing for a new campaign which I will be starting in a few week’s.

During February I put together a plan for the new season in which I believe I will increase my chances of having a good season with hopefully a few PB’s.

My campaign

For those who are interested here’s my plan for my local lake campaign.

– Bait up at least once a week
– Do a night on the lake at least once every 2 weeks
– Use the same bait throughout the season and stick with it

As my plan consists of using the same bait throughout the season I need to come up with a bait I would be confident in using so I have been experimenting with different mixes and favour combinations.

I knew that I would be using a bait that would have a spice type element to it so I have been playing with a few mixes that included spice. As all great ideas seem to come to you by accident I found out that Mainline’s cell activator seems to go very well with the indian spice liquid surprisingly.

So this is the bait combination I will be using this year and will be keeping you guys informed of my changes to the recipe.

The recipe

IMG_9658 Here is my recipe for the Indian Spice Cell boilie so far, I’ve written it in percentages as I haven’t full worked out the mix into grams.


– 55% Semolina
– 20% Soy Flour
– 10% Maize Meal
– 5% Wheatgerm
– 5% Ground Hazlenuts
– 5% Milk Powder
– Tea Spoon of Nijer Seeds

Liquid mix

– 4 Eggs
– 10ml of Mainline’s Cell Activator Liquid
– 1 Cap’s worth of Mainline’s Indian Spice Profile Plus

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Top 5 Ready Made Carp Fishing Boilies

In this list I’ve put together in my opinion the top 5 ready-made carp fishing boilies of all time. Even though this blog is all about making your own boilies if you look at the top baits available, find the one that works for you and then try to recreate it at home and even tweak it as you wish. I’ve tried to make it fair so I’ve only taken my favourite from the individual bait company and they have not been ordered in any particular order.

Richworth Tutti Frutti Boilies

Richworth Tutti Frutti BoiliesA classic in the eyes of many carp anglers, Richworth’s Tutti Frutti is the king of winter carping on a lot of waters. Richworth being one of the founding fathers in being the first to commercially sell boilies over 25 years ago they really know their stuff when it comes to bait making.

Coming close was Richworth’s KG1 boilies which I’ve personally had lots of action when using it, a great fruity dark boilies which is great for commercial type waters.

Find them here!

Mainline Cell Boilies

Mainline Cell BoiliesIn my opinion The Cell by Mainline really is one of my and many others favourite boilies of all time. With a unique sweet coconut flavour, carp just cant get enough of them.

With high nutritional value and protein, The Cell will ensure sustained feeding in summer and winter. It’s has been largely field tested for many years now with great results for lot of carp anglers.

Find them here!

CC Moore Live System Boilies

CC Moore Live System BoiliesMade using many top ingredients such as fishmeal’s and milk proteins this bait really is a bait fish love.

CC Moore known for selling top boilie making ingredients, they really do know a few things about using top ingredients to create top quality boilie. It’s another great winter bait mainly due to being a visual attractor for carp to provoke feeding. This bait has sweet aroma similar to the Mainline Cell which carp seem to love.

Find them here!

Nutra Baits Trigga Boilies

Nutra Baits Trigga BoiliesWith many huge captures under its belt Trigga by Nutra Bait’s really in one in a million. With a basemix made from a huge list of different natural fishmeal’s and protein’s it creates a continuous feeding pattern for the carp, making them much easier to catch unaware.

As well as ready-made shelf life and frozen boilies, you can also buy the ready-made base mix and Trigga liquids which is great if you with to tweak it to how you wish or if your just new to rolling your own baits.

Find them here!

Dynamite Baits Robin Red

Dynamite Baits Robin RedRobin Red® by Haith’s® has been used for decades in boilie base mixes but never sold commercially so if you wish try Robin Red® I would be sure to buy a kilo or two of these boilies by Dynamite and give them a go on your local water.

What is Robin Red®? your asking, well it’s an ingredient you can add you boilie base mixes, with a peppery, sweet favour carp have continuously been caught on since the 1970’s when carp fishing really began to take shape so you could call Robin Red® a classic ingredient in carp fishing.

Find them here!

Thanks for reading

Thanks for reading my top 5 favourite ready-made carp fishing boilies if your favourites wasn’t mentioned please feel free to comment below I would love to hear them and possibly give them a try.

If you would like to learn more about boilies and especially making your own boilies check out my other post’s and follow my quest to making epic homemade boilies. Tight Lines.

Top 5 Ready Made Boilie Base Mixes Of All Time

Ready made boiliesAll though this blog is all about creating your of own homemade base mixes and boilie recipes sometimes you just don’t have the time to prepare a base mix and you just want to make a quick batch of boilies up ready for a fishing session coming up soon. Here is my list in no particular order of ready made base mixes ready for you to add your chosen flavours and additives too and start making a batch of epic boilies in no time at all.

Mistral Baits Base Mix

Amazingly simple basemix and one of the cheapest on the market retailing at around 5 quid. Ready to add flavours and additives to create something unique that fish will love. Find the Mistral baits base mix here.

Nutralbaits 50/50 basemix

Over the years Nutrabait have made a name for themselves as leaders in the boilie additives and flavours market and their basemix are not exception. This 50/50 mix will take on any flavours you add to it and its super simple to make, leaving you with just the rolling process. You can find the Nutralbaits 50/50 basemix on amazon.

Mainline Baits 50/50 basemix

cellboiliesA similar mix to the Nutrabaits 50/50 mix but with added extras found in Mainline’s all so popular ready made boilie range such as the ‘cell’. As the name suggests it has an extremely high leakage rate, balanced with a neutral flavour and a taste. As it has no real ‘handle’ of its own, it is best used with any or all of the liquid amino based additives, flavours and sweeteners. This bait was designed with busy, well stocked waters in mined and where large beds of bait may be required to keep fish feeding for long periods. Find the Mainline Baits 50/50 basemix here.

Nutrabaits Trigga Ice Basemix

A basemix includes Trigga powder, pre-digested marine meals, low fat oceanic proteins, milk and whey proteins and vitamins and minerals creating an easily digestible and edible mix for any carp. Originally made to help you create the ever popular ‘Trigga Ice’ boilies but you can use this basemix with any flavour you choose creating a unique bait giving you an edge over everyone else on the lake. Find the Nutrabaits Trigga Ice Basemix here.

Stickybaits Vortex basemix

Top 5 ready made boilie base mixesOver the last year I have become to love Stickybaits and there products such as their range of fluoro pops as much as love making my own pops, Stickybaits pop ups catch fish when all else fails and there base mixes are at the same quality as all their other products. Match the basemix with their own matching liquid and you have a winning batch of boilies with literally no effort leaving you with fresh bait that will catch plenty of fish. Find the Stickybaits Vortex basemix here. Well I hope you enjoyed this list of my favourite ready made boilie base mixes. If you liked this post make sure you take a look at my other posts. If you have any favourite ready made base mixes you would like to share that doesn’t feature in my list or any views on any of these base mixes above be sure to comment below.

Top 5 Videos For Making Homemade Boilies

Making boilies can be an art form and starting with the basics or even improving on your base mixes and techniques can get you more takes on the bank.

I have put together a collection of videos that helped me improve the way I create homemade boilies and will help you too.

Homemade Boilie Making by CarpTone75

This video is a great example of how to set up a work station to make boilies at home. CarpTone75 goes through the tools, ingredients and techniques to create a simple but effective boilies that will get you takes from any carp.

UPDATED 23/07/2017: These videos by CarpTone75 was removed from YouTube. These were very informative videos for anyone wanting to make homemade boilies. If you have any suggestions as a good replacement please let me know in the comments below. There are official Mainline videos now on how to use their product to make cell boilies, see below.

High quality home made boilies by Clark Adams

High quality home made boilies by Clark Adams, this video gives you a basemix recipe to add to your knowledge which is over 60% natural basemix ingredients which is highly digestible to the carp.

How to make homemade boilies on the cheap

Angler’s Mail’s Bill Rushmer shows you how to make great boilies using cheap supermarket-bought ingredients. This was similar recipe to the first recipe I used which caught plenty of carp and is a great place to start when trying to make your own boilies at home plus you dont have to spend alot to give it a go.

Well I hope you enjoyed this short collection of great homemade boilie videos. If you liked this post make sure you take a look at my other posts. If you have any favourite homemade boilies videos or any views on any of these videos be sure to comment below.

Homemade Boilie Additives And Favours To Try In 2014

Originally made as a personal list of ingredients to try out this year, I thought it would be a great idea to share it on the blog. Please let me know if you have every used or how you get on with these ingredients in the comment section below.


First up is Fenugreek, first heard about it last year on a carp forum and have been meaning to try it out. On first inspection it doesn’t smell of anything but I have heard great reviews about it from other anglers adding it to there boilie recipes.

Where can I buy it?

You can find it in the dry herb section of any supermarket and is white in colour.

Robin Red

This famous additive is one I’ve yet to use but is a very popular additive used by many pro bait companies such a dynamite baits. Accounting for many captures over the country it’s one try if you haven’t already.

Where can I buy it?

You can buy it from the Haiths online store or places like Amazon and Ebay in small tester amounts which is great for small tester batches.


hempandhalibutboiliesA natural additive that can increase attraction to carp and offer carp a nutritional value. I have heard great things about adding this to your boilies and you got too give it ago.

Where can I buy it?

You can find it in your local tackle shop or online places like Ebay and Amazon.


When watching an angling show the other day, big carp angler Darrel Peck mentioned that one of his favourite additives that he loves to add to his hook baits is cinnamon which made me think I have got to try this out next year.

Where can I buy it?

You can find it in your local supermarket and specialist online shops.


I’ve always want to try this so I cant say for sure it catches carp but from experience carp like sweet favours such as strawberry and tutti fruity.

Where can I buy it?

You can find it in your local supermarket and specialist online shops.

Too be continued…

Were not finished there in the next few months I will be adding to this post so keep an eye out for any updates and remember I want to hear your views on any on the favours/additives mentioned in this post and the results you’ve had on them.