The Ultimate Guide To Homemade Boilie Making Equipment

homemade-boiliesIn this guide I will go through all the equipment you will need to make boilies at home. When starting out you will only need the basics but if you want to make boilies on a mass scale(more than a kilo of boilies at a time) you may need to expand your equipment to make produce a larger amount of bait.

This guide will list the essential equipment and also the more advanced gear you will need if your making a large volume of boilies at a time. Also I have added a shopping list at the bottom of the guide to make it easier for you to find where you can buy some all this equipment as some items can be tricky to find.

The Basic Boilie Making Equipment

Mixing Equipment

Weighing Scales

There a two types of scales traditional and digital but in my experience digital scale are more accurate and just much simpler to use.

Measuring Jug

Having a measuring jug can some in very handy for measuring large amounts of liquid and also you can use it to mix your eggs/liquid mix and simply add dry mix to it.

Measuring Spoon

Great for measuring favours and other liquids to get an accurate base mix.


Does pretty much the same as a measuring spoon but just makes the job of measure a little easier with less spillages etc.

Large Bowls

Ideal for mixing your base mixes and creating a paste ball, ready for rolling.

Kitchen Sieve

A sieve has many uses when making baits such as sieving out lumps in your base mix and also when boiling your baits you can easily remove them from the saucepan.

Kitchen Spoon or Fork

I would advise using a fork or a spoon to blend your base mix and liquids together.

Rolling Equipment

Boilie Rolling Tables

Essential for rolling round or dumbell shape boilies in various sizes.

Top tip – put some sunflower oil on a kitchen towel and wipe onto the rolling table to making rolling smoother and easier, also this prevents the boilies cracking in the drying process.

Sausage Gun or Sausage Rolling Table

A sausage gun has the ability to create perfect diameter sausages to use in conjunction with a boilie rolling table to create round shaped boilies.

Kitchen Knife

To cut the sausages to the correct length of the rolling table your using.

Cooking Equipment


Saucepan or steamer

Boiling or steaming your baits is essential to seal in the nutrients and flavours. Boiling normally take between 1-2 minutes but steaming can take up to 10 minutes.

Drying Equipment

Air dry Bags

Essential for drying out your baits which also prevents the boilies from going off at a much quicker rate.

Kitchen Towel

I usually use a towel to dry the boilies off once they come out of the saucepan/steamer.

Large Freezer Bags

Used to mix basemixes and also to freeze you boilies for convenience, I find the zip lock bags to work the best please you can reuse them time and time again.

Ingredients Equipment

Sealed Buckets/Sealed Storage Boxes

Top Tip – Store dry ingredients in sealed containers to prevent outbreaks of bugs and other pests also keeps the dry ingredients fresh.

Most Importantly Recipes

Recipes have to be one of the most important parts of making boilies, you can find lots of different recipes on this blog which I’ve tested and most likely have caught lots of carp on them.


Advanced Boilie Equipment

Mixing Equipment

Automatic Mixer

Mixing can be time worthy and take a great deal of effort and strength so getting an automatic mixer would remove the hard graft of mixing your boilie recipes which is ideal if you plan to make large quantities of bait.

Rolling Equipment

Airgun and Compressor

Why not take out the effort of creating boilie sausages and automate the process with an airgun and compressor. Although this sort of equipment may seem expensive it worth the money if your planning on creating huge amounts on bait.

Deluxe Sausage Gun

This is an upgrade on the basic Gardner sausage gun will can hold a lot more mix making it easier to make lots more boilies.

Large Rolling Table

Like the deluxe sausage gun this is a upgrade version of Gardners basic boilie table which can produce a large amount of round shaped boilies each time.

Boilie Tray

Great for dry out a large amount of boilie at one time ideal if your making more than 2-3kgs.

Cooking Equipment

Large Catering Style Pan or a Water Boiler

Ideal for boiling a large amount of baits at one time. Some pans have the capacity of boiling 1/2-1 kilo of boilie at a time.

Drying Equipment

Large Air Dry Trays

This is just an upgrade on Gardners basic air dry trays holding and drying alot more boilies at one single time.


Shopping List

Here is a the entire list of boilie making equipment just make it easier for you to buy it all in one hit, there are a few things that are pretty hard to find so I’ve also included links to where you can find them online.

Advanced Boilie Equipment

boiliesairdryingIf you new to making boilies please check out my post Top 5 Videos For Making Homemade Boilies. You will find some great informative video on how to create boilies and how to use all the equipment featured in this guide.

If this guide has helped you, if you have any questions or if there any gear you use which hasn’t been mentioned in this guide I would love to hear what you have to say by leaving a comment below.