phone2Homemade boilies quest is a blog by Mike Samways from Catch App.

Catch App is the new fishing web app you can take wherever you go! What is a ‘web app’ you ask, well its a website version of an application on your phone. Catch App can be viewed and used on all manner of devices including smartphones, tablets and desktop computers so there is no need to download anything.

You can log your fishing captures, add fisheries, join a fishing community, view other members captures and share your own captures with your friends. Its a basically a digital logbook for all anglers. Its great to take on the bank but also fun to use at home (or at work).

Catch App is coming soon but in the mean time please sign up for all the latest on the project and a chance to be the first to join this useful fishing tool http://signup.catch-app.co.uk/ and follow us on twitter for more exciting news/tips at @CatchAppUk


2 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Tony

      These videos by CarpTone75 were removed from YouTube. These were very informative videos for anyone wanting to make homemade boilies and its such a shame there gone 😦

      I’ve updated the page and replaced them with the official Mainline how to guides for now.

      Thanks for checking out my blog.


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