5 Liquids That Will Give Your Boilies a Real Edge


19lb mirror caught on homemade Cell boilies soaked in hemp oil.

This week we look at 5 liquids that will create extra attraction to your boilies.

Simply chuck some boilies in a zip lock bag, add the liquid of your choice, blow some air in the bag, twist it and shake the bag so the liquid covers all the boilies in the bag.

I apologies for the lack of post’s on the blog as I’ve working hard on my main blog The Carp Tackle Reviewer. I will try my best to update you guys on any boilie recipes and tips I’ve been using in my own fishing as much as I can.

Back to liquids, I’ve been using liquids on my homemade boilies for years now and believe they to catch you more fish. Liquids will create slicks in the water columns that draw the carp down to your chosen spot and can often trigger carp to feed even when they are not in the mood to eat.

Below is a list of my favourite liquids to coat boilies in and catch you carp.


Oils really bring out the favours of your boilies and create great attraction in every layer of the water. Oils that I’ve used to great effect are Hemp Oil, Salmon Oil, Chilli Oil and my favourite Almond Oil.

CSL Liquid

CSL is a great liquid for attracting carp cause because the liquid is made up of pre-activated CSL maximises amino acids, yeast and natural sugars, creating a highly digestible liquid that carp can’t get enough of. CSL also absorbs well into boilies which is great to silty lakebeds.

Tiger Nut Extract

Carp love tigernuts and they also can’t get enough of tiger nut extract. Coating you boilies in tigernut liquid will get the carp grubing on the bottom for hours and is also PVA friendly which is a bonus.

Liquid Candy Sweetener

This liquid is great for fruity/sweet type boilies and gives your boilies an extra sweetness that the carp love. Personally I love to soak my pop ups in liquid candy sweetener and really brings out the favours.

Polony Oil

I’ve been playing around with this favours for a few months now and I have caught a lot of carp on it. The Polony Oil has a distinctive meaty scent that is rarely used these days but the carp love it. The liquid coats very well on boilies and works well in PVA bags too, give it a try!


Thanks for reading, give these liquid a go and catch some extra carp!

Good luck and tight lines.


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