Indian Spice Cell Boilie Recipe

IMG_9656As some of you are aware I’m a big fan of Mainline’s Indian Spice so you would probably guess I would be using this attractant somewhere in my baits this year and your right.

I have been a little quite on this blog for a while now as I’m preparing for a new campaign which I will be starting in a few week’s.

During February I put together a plan for the new season in which I believe I will increase my chances of having a good season with hopefully a few PB’s.

My campaign

For those who are interested here’s my plan for my local lake campaign.

– Bait up at least once a week
– Do a night on the lake at least once every 2 weeks
– Use the same bait throughout the season and stick with it

As my plan consists of using the same bait throughout the season I need to come up with a bait I would be confident in using so I have been experimenting with different mixes and favour combinations.

I knew that I would be using a bait that would have a spice type element to it so I have been playing with a few mixes that included spice. As all great ideas seem to come to you by accident I found out that Mainline’s cell activator seems to go very well with the indian spice liquid surprisingly.

So this is the bait combination I will be using this year and will be keeping you guys informed of my changes to the recipe.

The recipe

IMG_9658 Here is my recipe for the Indian Spice Cell boilie so far, I’ve written it in percentages as I haven’t full worked out the mix into grams.


– 55% Semolina
– 20% Soy Flour
– 10% Maize Meal
– 5% Wheatgerm
– 5% Ground Hazlenuts
– 5% Milk Powder
– Tea Spoon of Nijer Seeds

Liquid mix

– 4 Eggs
– 10ml of Mainline’s Cell Activator Liquid
– 1 Cap’s worth of Mainline’s Indian Spice Profile Plus

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12 thoughts on “Indian Spice Cell Boilie Recipe

  1. Hi fella ,just getting back into carp fishing after 15 years break (and loving it 😁) used to make my own back in the day but had a good size freezer back then , is there anyway I can make these into shelf life ? Also I’ve got crayfish in the water in fishing and they can be a pain in the warmer months , anything you could help me with there regarding hardening the bait , many thanks

    • Definitely would experiment with ingredients and you could try powdered egg instead of fresh eggs this should increase the life of the bait, crayfish are very anoying try arma mesh or shrink wrap your bait, hope this helps!!

      • I’ve only really make fresh baits as they work so much better as they break down in the water at quicker rate which attracts carp but I believe using powered egg and drying them out longer should make them last longer and make them harder too

  2. hi like the look of this recipe but wondered if you could use chapatti flour in this as I know this is used in india in a bait they call ragi and at the moment 10kg in tesco was £4.50

  3. Hi there I love ur recipes and want to have a go at making my own boilies but want to make a krill flavour boilie. Which of your recipes do you think I could use to add the krill flavouring? Must admit I like the nutcracker recipe, could I use a krill flavour instead of coconut?

    • I would start with a fishmeal basemix – fishmeal, soya flour, semolina, milk powder (experiment with measurements) you can find krillmeal but can be expensive, then add krill flavour to your egg mix. I hope this helps!

  4. Daza: mix potassium sorbate 15gr with 20ml water and use that amount per kg dry basemix. I usually roll 10kg a time, air dry on homemade dry racks in the loft for 2 to 3 weeks. They will never go off. I have air dried boilies in carrot net sacks for months now. Been doing that this season (also came back after a 16 year break). Haven’t seen anything go mouldy whatsoever. Rolled a good 100kg. Mainly fishmeal based. Just the basemix excl eggs and attractors comes to £1.80 a kg providing you buy in bulk (25kg milkpowder, 20kg soya bean meal etc) Hope this helps.

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