Meaty Polony Boilie Recipe

22lb14lbmirror-chequertreeAfter a successful few weeks using luncheon meat to catch carp to 23lb I decided I need to revisit my meaty type boilie base mixes.

Recently I watched Bait-tech’s new dvd Carp Catchers 3, they explained that their new polony boilie most of the favour and additives are created in the base mix, not in liquid flavours so I thought I’d challenge myself to make a smelly meaty boilie but create most of the flavour in the base mix.

So where did I start?

Well like all boilie recipe quests I start by doing some research online. I found out some of the herbs and spices used in spiced meats so I could hopefully recreate the favour in this new boilie recipe.

Here’s the recipe I created:

Semolina: 400g
Soy Flour: 200g
Fishmeal: 250g
Wheatgerm: 50g

Herbs to add to basemix:
1ts Ground Fenugreek
1ts Ground Nutmeg
1ts Ground Coriander
1ts Ground Cumin
1ts Ground Cloves
1ts Turmeric Powder

Liquid Mix
4/6 eggs

I’ve used this a few times and caught a few carp on it but haven’t invested a lot of time testing it so if you give it a go please let me know how you get on with it.

If you’re using this bait in the summer month I would try soaking the boilies in oil or wash them out with lake water to enhance the flavours.

Thanks for reading my new recipe and good luck!