Coconut Nut Boilies Recipe Based on Urban Baits Nutcracker Boilies

This week I’m going to let you in on my new quest to make a new type of nutty boilie and I will go through all the ingredients you will need. For this mix you can find most of the ingredients in the supermarket.

The story behind the quest..

nutty boiliesRecently on a trip to Furnace lakes near horsham a good friend of mine was using a fairly new bait The Nutcracker by Urban Baits and as soon as I smelt it I was instantly in love with it.

After doing some research The Nutcracker has been doing very well and even does well on waters that have never seen this bait before.

So I decided to make a similar bait using mostly supermarket ingredients keeping things nice a simple as I usually do. To be honest with you my first attempt smells nothing like The Nutcracker but the basic mix looks very similar.

The Recipe

Here’s the list of ingredients below which makes around a kilo and half of boilies.


200g of ground almonds
100g of ground hazelnuts
200g of corn flour
100g of milk powder
400g of fine semolina
5 table spoons of sugar
5 table spoons of salt

Liquid mix

6 eggs
25ml of Coconut Betaine Syrup by Marcel Van Den Eynde

nutty boilies
These boilies smells great very similar to a Ferrero Rocher and I sure the carp a going to love them.

Keep up to date with the results

I will be updating the blog with the results I have on this bait and I will be developing it to get it very similar to the The Nutcracker boilies by Urban’s so don’t forget to subscribe on the right hand side of the blog.

Tight Lines


30 thoughts on “Coconut Nut Boilies Recipe Based on Urban Baits Nutcracker Boilies

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  3. Great recipe I can use I live in turkey and can only make boilies from products from supermarkets and some of them are a struggle
    Thanks wayne

    • No problem Wayne, most boilies in the tackle shops will use most of these ingredients too and charge you a lot for a bag of boilies.

      One little tip that can make the flavour release of more is if you soak them in hemp juice from a tin of hemp or just use hemp oil… The carp love them!!

    • Hey John thanks for the comment. Winter is a hard time to improve a boilie recipe so I will be continuing to develop this recipe in the spring. I’ve had plenty of carp on this recipe including a pb. I soaked the boilies in hemp juice which really brings out the flavours.

  4. This nutcracker recipe is base on smelling like coconut or the nut flavouring from the almonds and wholenuts or could you put the nut oils in instead of the coconut oil I no your going to say try them all but which would be best do you think

    • The great thing about making your own baits is you have the option to experiment, I would avoid oils for a few month cause of the water temperature is too cold to get a good leakage, try a coconut liquid like the one by Baittec

  5. I’m looking to make some tuna flavoured boilies can you tell me please do I use the oil and the actual flakes by blending them

  6. Hi Mike
    If I’m using crushed hemp do I boil it first or can i just blitz it and then use with out boiling

    • Hi there I’ve caught on most of the boilies I’ve made. Start with a simple mix and add some matching flavours and your good to go. Catching on something you’ve made is a joy in itself. Now as it’s winter try soaking your boilies in hemp oil for more attraction, good luck!

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