Flouro yellow scopex pop up recipe

I was watching some carp videos the other day and also spoke to a guy at a lake that was catching alot of carp on a very hard fishing day in tough conditions (post snow and ice), and the thing these had in common was they were using flouro high viz yellow pop ups. So I thought ill try and create some sweet high viz baits to finally catch my first carp of the year. I made them all dumbbell barrel shapes and added some chilli flakes to give me an edge, cant wait to give these bad boys ago.IMG_8208

  • Richworth pop up mix
  • 1 egg
  • Tps of fish sauce
  • Tps of Tabasco
  • Small hand full of chilli flakes
  • Tbps Scopex extract (mainline)
  • Tbps Vanilla extract

To follow my results on this bait look out for the tag #fspopups

Update: I have found this bait works best in the winter months on silt/gravel lake beds. Used with either a solid bag or mesh bag with small pellets. Here’s a result I had a couple of weeks ago.
Result on fluro yellow pop up


Spicy Oyster Boilies

This bait smells very fishy/spicy and i cant wait to try this bait out. I have a feeling this bait with catch a lot of carp and will be tweaking this bait accordingly.

  • 7oz semolina
  • 5oz soya flour
  • 3oz ground rice
  • 3oz oyster powder/fishmeal
  • 3oz masala powder
  • tbsp of: Fish sauce and Oyster sauce
  • Red dye colouring

Breakdown time test: 24 hour+

To follow my results of the this bait look of for the tag #SOB