Using Vitalin in a boilie base mix

Vitalin BoiliesHi Guys I thought I’ll add a post about my recent experiment to add vitalin to a boilie basemix. Because of the large bits in vitalin a blender is needed. Blend for about a good 15 minutes then removed the bigger bit with a sieve as this will effect your rolling for the boilie mix. I put together a mix today which I think is gonna be killer on the lakes and hopefully will be testing it soon. Look out for the tag #MVM

The ingredients for this mix are:

3 thoughts on “Using Vitalin in a boilie base mix

  1. sounds a quality mix ive just started experimenting with vitalin as its cheap as, and carping just seems to be getting more an more expensive let me kno how u get on tight lines

    • Yeah vitalin is great in boilie mixs, i also use it as a method mix on its own or you can add some pellets/chopped boilies, you could even you it as a stick mix and yeah its very cheap in bulk bags

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