Results on the CHILLIMIX1

I thought I will add a nice 14lb 5oz mirror carp I caught on the chilli boilies and I used a CHILLIMIX1 tipped with yellow plastic corn and prebaited the swim with CHILLIMIX1 a day before (first time I have done this and its well worth it!)



The start of some new – EFB1


I started on a new recipe today, using flavour extracts from the kitchen cuboard, using vanilla, lemon, orange and strawberry extract which gives the bait a really starburst fruity flavour. I will be testing it out soon and put pics/results up soon look for the tag #EFB1

Killer chilli boilies (CHILLIMIX1)

This was the first boilies I made and are great on most waters and u can you can use any household items and when ever I use them I catch 🙂

50% semolina

20% rice flour

30% soya flour

Chopped and blended fresh chillies and chilli flake or just chilli flakes

Hot curry powder

Add Tabasco and red dye to the eggs

Dry for 24 hours then freeze for your next session.


I have recently updated this recipe as this was one of my first recipes I ever posted and I’ve learnt so much more about making boilies. Please check out ‘HOT AND SPICY BOILIES – #CHILLIMIX1 REVISITED‘ which also includes a helpful video.

One small step for mankind

Gardener boilie making setI have finally started my quest to create homemade boilies from scratch and stared off by purchasing this bad boy!! Also for my first recipe experiment i am thinking of creating a meaty boilie based on fishforcarp’s fishmeal basemix:

  • 6oz Semolina
  • 4oz Soya Flour
  • 6oz White Fish Meal

Im on a hunt for the meatest additives on the market and will report back with information and recipe ideas. Also i will be adding other random stuff on here like tackle and fishery reviews.