5 Liquids That Will Give Your Boilies a Real Edge


19lb mirror caught on homemade Cell boilies soaked in hemp oil.

This week we look at 5 liquids that will create extra attraction to your boilies.

Simply chuck some boilies in a zip lock bag, add the liquid of your choice, blow some air in the bag, twist it and shake the bag so the liquid covers all the boilies in the bag.

I apologies for the lack of post’s on the blog as I’ve working hard on my main blog The Carp Tackle Reviewer. I will try my best to update you guys on any boilie recipes and tips I’ve been using in my own fishing as much as I can.

Back to liquids, I’ve been using liquids on my homemade boilies for years now and believe they to catch you more fish. Liquids will create slicks in the water columns that draw the carp down to your chosen spot and can often trigger carp to feed even when they are not in the mood to eat.

Below is a list of my favourite liquids to coat boilies in and catch you carp.


Oils really bring out the favours of your boilies and create great attraction in every layer of the water. Oils that I’ve used to great effect are Hemp Oil, Salmon Oil, Chilli Oil and my favourite Almond Oil.

CSL Liquid

CSL is a great liquid for attracting carp cause because the liquid is made up of pre-activated CSL maximises amino acids, yeast and natural sugars, creating a highly digestible liquid that carp can’t get enough of. CSL also absorbs well into boilies which is great to silty lakebeds.

Tiger Nut Extract

Carp love tigernuts and they also can’t get enough of tiger nut extract. Coating you boilies in tigernut liquid will get the carp grubing on the bottom for hours and is also PVA friendly which is a bonus.

Liquid Candy Sweetener

This liquid is great for fruity/sweet type boilies and gives your boilies an extra sweetness that the carp love. Personally I love to soak my pop ups in liquid candy sweetener and really brings out the favours.

Polony Oil

I’ve been playing around with this favours for a few months now and I have caught a lot of carp on it. The Polony Oil has a distinctive meaty scent that is rarely used these days but the carp love it. The liquid coats very well on boilies and works well in PVA bags too, give it a try!


Thanks for reading, give these liquid a go and catch some extra carp!

Good luck and tight lines.

Indian Spice Cell Boilie Recipe

IMG_9656As some of you are aware I’m a big fan of Mainline’s Indian Spice so you would probably guess I would be using this attractant somewhere in my baits this year and your right.

I have been a little quite on this blog for a while now as I’m preparing for a new campaign which I will be starting in a few week’s.

During February I put together a plan for the new season in which I believe I will increase my chances of having a good season with hopefully a few PB’s.

My campaign

For those who are interested here’s my plan for my local lake campaign.

– Bait up at least once a week
– Do a night on the lake at least once every 2 weeks
– Use the same bait throughout the season and stick with it

As my plan consists of using the same bait throughout the season I need to come up with a bait I would be confident in using so I have been experimenting with different mixes and favour combinations.

I knew that I would be using a bait that would have a spice type element to it so I have been playing with a few mixes that included spice. As all great ideas seem to come to you by accident I found out that Mainline’s cell activator seems to go very well with the indian spice liquid surprisingly.

So this is the bait combination I will be using this year and will be keeping you guys informed of my changes to the recipe.

The recipe

IMG_9658 Here is my recipe for the Indian Spice Cell boilie so far, I’ve written it in percentages as I haven’t full worked out the mix into grams.


– 55% Semolina
– 20% Soy Flour
– 10% Maize Meal
– 5% Wheatgerm
– 5% Ground Hazlenuts
– 5% Milk Powder
– Tea Spoon of Nijer Seeds

Liquid mix

– 4 Eggs
– 10ml of Mainline’s Cell Activator Liquid
– 1 Cap’s worth of Mainline’s Indian Spice Profile Plus

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Meaty Polony Boilie Recipe

22lb14lbmirror-chequertreeAfter a successful few weeks using luncheon meat to catch carp to 23lb I decided I need to revisit my meaty type boilie base mixes.

Recently I watched Bait-tech’s new dvd Carp Catchers 3, they explained that their new polony boilie most of the favour and additives are created in the base mix, not in liquid flavours so I thought I’d challenge myself to make a smelly meaty boilie but create most of the flavour in the base mix.

So where did I start?

Well like all boilie recipe quests I start by doing some research online. I found out some of the herbs and spices used in spiced meats so I could hopefully recreate the favour in this new boilie recipe.

Here’s the recipe I created:

Semolina: 400g
Soy Flour: 200g
Fishmeal: 250g
Wheatgerm: 50g

Herbs to add to basemix:
1ts Ground Fenugreek
1ts Ground Nutmeg
1ts Ground Coriander
1ts Ground Cumin
1ts Ground Cloves
1ts Turmeric Powder

Liquid Mix
4/6 eggs

I’ve used this a few times and caught a few carp on it but haven’t invested a lot of time testing it so if you give it a go please let me know how you get on with it.

If you’re using this bait in the summer month I would try soaking the boilies in oil or wash them out with lake water to enhance the flavours.

Thanks for reading my new recipe and good luck!

How to Make Indian Spice Boilie Sticks – Quick and Easy

boiliesticksIt’s January and if like me you’re skint but want to still catch carp this recipe is for you.

This year I’ve been playing around with pop ups and with my favourite favours such as the indian spice so I had plenty of it laying around that’s why I decided on the indian spice flavours.

Making boilie sticks are the quickest and often cheapest way to make boilies. Although they won’t be your average rounded shape, these baits are high leakage and small, which is ideal for any time of the year.

Another reason why I love boilie sticks is that you can make the baits any size you need, by simply boiling them as whole sticks then snapping off the size you need on the bank.

Making boilies sticks are ideal if you like crushing up you boilies for PVA bags.

Here’s my recipe for the Indian Spice Boilie Sticks:

Wet Mix
– 6 eggs
– 10ml Mainline Indian spice
– 5ml Mainline Mediterranean shellfish
– Black food colouring
– Mainline brown dye

– Semolina – 250g
– Fishmeal – 55g
– Soya – 50g
– EMP Bird Feed – 50g
– Maize Meal – 65g
– Milk powder – 30g

boiliesticks2Mix to recipe together to make a doughy mix and roll a sausage shapes making sure each stick is around 5/6cm.

Boilie the stick for around 1 – 2 minutes and dry them for at least 24 hours before use.

Thanks for reading my quick boilie sticks guide.

I will be updating the blog very soon with some special homemade hookbaits that have landed me plenty of carp including 2 PB’s last year.

Coconut Nut Boilies Recipe Based on Urban Baits Nutcracker Boilies

This week I’m going to let you in on my new quest to make a new type of nutty boilie and I will go through all the ingredients you will need. For this mix you can find most of the ingredients in the supermarket.

The story behind the quest..

nutty boiliesRecently on a trip to Furnace lakes near horsham a good friend of mine was using a fairly new bait The Nutcracker by Urban Baits and as soon as I smelt it I was instantly in love with it.

After doing some research The Nutcracker has been doing very well and even does well on waters that have never seen this bait before.

So I decided to make a similar bait using mostly supermarket ingredients keeping things nice a simple as I usually do. To be honest with you my first attempt smells nothing like The Nutcracker but the basic mix looks very similar.

The Recipe

Here’s the list of ingredients below which makes around a kilo and half of boilies.


200g of ground almonds
100g of ground hazelnuts
200g of corn flour
100g of milk powder
400g of fine semolina
5 table spoons of sugar
5 table spoons of salt

Liquid mix

6 eggs
25ml of Coconut Betaine Syrup by Marcel Van Den Eynde

nutty boilies
These boilies smells great very similar to a Ferrero Rocher and I sure the carp a going to love them.

Keep up to date with the results

I will be updating the blog with the results I have on this bait and I will be developing it to get it very similar to the The Nutcracker boilies by Urban’s so don’t forget to subscribe on the right hand side of the blog.

Tight Lines


The Ultimate Guide To Homemade Boilie Making Equipment

homemade-boiliesIn this guide I will go through all the equipment you will need to make boilies at home. When starting out you will only need the basics but if you want to make boilies on a mass scale(more than a kilo of boilies at a time) you may need to expand your equipment to make produce a larger amount of bait.

This guide will list the essential equipment and also the more advanced gear you will need if your making a large volume of boilies at a time. Also I have added a shopping list at the bottom of the guide to make it easier for you to find where you can buy some all this equipment as some items can be tricky to find.

The Basic Boilie Making Equipment

Mixing Equipment

Weighing Scales

There a two types of scales traditional and digital but in my experience digital scale are more accurate and just much simpler to use.

Measuring Jug

Having a measuring jug can some in very handy for measuring large amounts of liquid and also you can use it to mix your eggs/liquid mix and simply add dry mix to it.

Measuring Spoon

Great for measuring favours and other liquids to get an accurate base mix.


Does pretty much the same as a measuring spoon but just makes the job of measure a little easier with less spillages etc.

Large Bowls

Ideal for mixing your base mixes and creating a paste ball, ready for rolling.

Kitchen Sieve

A sieve has many uses when making baits such as sieving out lumps in your base mix and also when boiling your baits you can easily remove them from the saucepan.

Kitchen Spoon or Fork

I would advise using a fork or a spoon to blend your base mix and liquids together.

Rolling Equipment

Boilie Rolling Tables

Essential for rolling round or dumbell shape boilies in various sizes.

Top tip – put some sunflower oil on a kitchen towel and wipe onto the rolling table to making rolling smoother and easier, also this prevents the boilies cracking in the drying process.

Sausage Gun or Sausage Rolling Table

A sausage gun has the ability to create perfect diameter sausages to use in conjunction with a boilie rolling table to create round shaped boilies.

Kitchen Knife

To cut the sausages to the correct length of the rolling table your using.

Cooking Equipment


Saucepan or steamer

Boiling or steaming your baits is essential to seal in the nutrients and flavours. Boiling normally take between 1-2 minutes but steaming can take up to 10 minutes.

Drying Equipment

Air dry Bags

Essential for drying out your baits which also prevents the boilies from going off at a much quicker rate.

Kitchen Towel

I usually use a towel to dry the boilies off once they come out of the saucepan/steamer.

Large Freezer Bags

Used to mix basemixes and also to freeze you boilies for convenience, I find the zip lock bags to work the best please you can reuse them time and time again.

Ingredients Equipment

Sealed Buckets/Sealed Storage Boxes

Top Tip – Store dry ingredients in sealed containers to prevent outbreaks of bugs and other pests also keeps the dry ingredients fresh.

Most Importantly Recipes

Recipes have to be one of the most important parts of making boilies, you can find lots of different recipes on this blog which I’ve tested and most likely have caught lots of carp on them.


Advanced Boilie Equipment

Mixing Equipment

Automatic Mixer

Mixing can be time worthy and take a great deal of effort and strength so getting an automatic mixer would remove the hard graft of mixing your boilie recipes which is ideal if you plan to make large quantities of bait.

Rolling Equipment

Airgun and Compressor

Why not take out the effort of creating boilie sausages and automate the process with an airgun and compressor. Although this sort of equipment may seem expensive it worth the money if your planning on creating huge amounts on bait.

Deluxe Sausage Gun

This is an upgrade on the basic Gardner sausage gun will can hold a lot more mix making it easier to make lots more boilies.

Large Rolling Table

Like the deluxe sausage gun this is a upgrade version of Gardners basic boilie table which can produce a large amount of round shaped boilies each time.

Boilie Tray

Great for dry out a large amount of boilie at one time ideal if your making more than 2-3kgs.

Cooking Equipment

Large Catering Style Pan or a Water Boiler

Ideal for boiling a large amount of baits at one time. Some pans have the capacity of boiling 1/2-1 kilo of boilie at a time.

Drying Equipment

Large Air Dry Trays

This is just an upgrade on Gardners basic air dry trays holding and drying alot more boilies at one single time.


Shopping List

Here is a the entire list of boilie making equipment just make it easier for you to buy it all in one hit, there are a few things that are pretty hard to find so I’ve also included links to where you can find them online.

Advanced Boilie Equipment

boiliesairdryingIf you new to making boilies please check out my post Top 5 Videos For Making Homemade Boilies. You will find some great informative video on how to create boilies and how to use all the equipment featured in this guide.

If this guide has helped you, if you have any questions or if there any gear you use which hasn’t been mentioned in this guide I would love to hear what you have to say by leaving a comment below.

Hot and Spicy Boilies – #CHILLIMIX1 Revisited

hot and spicy boiliesAfter a couple of years of experimenting with different boilie recipes, I have come full circle revisiting one of my first recipes as I had a lot of success on them.

As the CHILLIMIX1 was one of my first recipes but lacked in experience of bait making behind it so I have tweaked it so it will roll better and hopefully be even more successful.

And I have to say the finished results look great, a really solid boilie and they absolutely stink without even soaking them in any liquids, they also have a natural colour and oily tinge that should leak off favour into the layers drawing the carp to feed on the bottom.

Carp love all things spicy so this recipe is a real winner so give it a go!

The Recipe

Designed for a 500g mix

Dry Mix

Semolina – 230 g
Soya – 105g
Maize Meal – 75g
Milk powder – 40g
Wheat Germ – 25g
Curry Powder – 20g
Piri Piri Powder – 5g
2 teaspoons of chilli flakes

Liquid Mix

4 eggs per 500g mix
A touch of red dye
10ml of oil(hemp or sunflower)

Dry for 24 hours then freeze, ready for when you next go fishing.

Top Tip:

To get a better roll try adding the basemix to the egg mix instead of the other way round. Add 2 or 3 scoops of dry mix then mix it into the liquid egg mix then repeat the process until you get the desired doughy texture.

The Video

I thought I would do something a little different for this post so check out this video of me making the ‘Hot and Spicy’ boilies.

I hope you enjoyed this recipe and if you fancy giving it a go and have a great result on it please leave a comment below I would love hear about it.

Remember to check out my other posts on all things homemade boilie related and tight lines.

How To Make a Large Amount Of Boilies Very Quickly And Easily!

boilie chunks finishedToday I’m gonna show you how to make ‘Boilies’ very quickly and in the easiest way possible. And when I say boilies I really mean boilie chunks or as I like to call it ‘boilie biscuit’.

What are boilie chunks your asking yourself? Well it’s basically using a common boilie base mix but removing the rolling step of the process by cutting the dough mix into chunks and boiling it.

As well as showing you a step by step on how to make boilie chunks, I will also list the positives and negatives of making these baits for carp fishing.

For this example I will make a mainline ‘CELL’ type boilie chunk recipe because in my latest campaign I’ve been targeting large carp at a local lake which Cell and white/pale type baits do really well and didn’t really want to spend a small fortune baiting up areas with ready-made boilies.

The steps on how to make boilie chunks

So follow along with these steps if you want to make boilie chunks:

Step 1 – Make the basemix and liquid/egg mix

boilies chunks CELL recipeThe basemix for a 500g mix is:

  • Semolina – 210 g
  • Soya – 125g
  • Maize Meal – 65g
  • Milk powder – 30g
  • Desiccated Coconut – 10g
  • Ground Almonds – 10g
  • Wheat Germ – 50g
  • Tea spoon of chilli flakes

The liquid mix is:

  • 3 eggs
  • Mainline’s Cell Activator Liquid
  • vanilla extract (optional)

Step 2 – Make a dough ball with the mix

Step 3 – Flatten the dough on a cutting board or side board

boilie chunks dough mix

Step 4 – Cut up the mix into chunks and place onto a towel or old apron

boilie chunks - cutting up

Step 5 – Boil some water in a saucepan (make sure its bubbling before you can add the chunks)

Step 6 – Remove the chunks after around two minutes and dry on a towel

Step 7 – Leave on the towel for around 3-5 hours then transfer to an air dryer bag

Step 8 – Dry for around 24 hours then use or put them in ziplock freezer bag and into the freezer

boilie chunks finished

Next I will explain the positives and negatives of using boilie chunks so you can decide if you want to make them.

Positives to making boilie chunks

  • Quick and easy to produce large quantities which is great for preparing for long sessions or campaigns to catch specimen carp
  • Very cheap to produce, which will save you money in the long run
  • Carp always see round baits so give them something different with boilie chunks
  • Carp love them!

Negatives to making boilie chunks

  • Can’t use a throwing stick alternatively you can use a catapult or just by hand

Thanks for reading

Thanks for reading this post on how to make boilie chunks, this little edge really does save you time, money, very easy to make and helps you catch lots of carp. If you try this recipe comment below I would love to see the results you have had using this method and be sure to check out my other post on homemade boilie making.

Top 5 Ready Made Carp Fishing Boilies

In this list I’ve put together in my opinion the top 5 ready-made carp fishing boilies of all time. Even though this blog is all about making your own boilies if you look at the top baits available, find the one that works for you and then try to recreate it at home and even tweak it as you wish. I’ve tried to make it fair so I’ve only taken my favourite from the individual bait company and they have not been ordered in any particular order.

Richworth Tutti Frutti Boilies

Richworth Tutti Frutti BoiliesA classic in the eyes of many carp anglers, Richworth’s Tutti Frutti is the king of winter carping on a lot of waters. Richworth being one of the founding fathers in being the first to commercially sell boilies over 25 years ago they really know their stuff when it comes to bait making.

Coming close was Richworth’s KG1 boilies which I’ve personally had lots of action when using it, a great fruity dark boilies which is great for commercial type waters.

Find them here!

Mainline Cell Boilies

Mainline Cell BoiliesIn my opinion The Cell by Mainline really is one of my and many others favourite boilies of all time. With a unique sweet coconut flavour, carp just cant get enough of them.

With high nutritional value and protein, The Cell will ensure sustained feeding in summer and winter. It’s has been largely field tested for many years now with great results for lot of carp anglers.

Find them here!

CC Moore Live System Boilies

CC Moore Live System BoiliesMade using many top ingredients such as fishmeal’s and milk proteins this bait really is a bait fish love.

CC Moore known for selling top boilie making ingredients, they really do know a few things about using top ingredients to create top quality boilie. It’s another great winter bait mainly due to being a visual attractor for carp to provoke feeding. This bait has sweet aroma similar to the Mainline Cell which carp seem to love.

Find them here!

Nutra Baits Trigga Boilies

Nutra Baits Trigga BoiliesWith many huge captures under its belt Trigga by Nutra Bait’s really in one in a million. With a basemix made from a huge list of different natural fishmeal’s and protein’s it creates a continuous feeding pattern for the carp, making them much easier to catch unaware.

As well as ready-made shelf life and frozen boilies, you can also buy the ready-made base mix and Trigga liquids which is great if you with to tweak it to how you wish or if your just new to rolling your own baits.

Find them here!

Dynamite Baits Robin Red

Dynamite Baits Robin RedRobin Red® by Haith’s® has been used for decades in boilie base mixes but never sold commercially so if you wish try Robin Red® I would be sure to buy a kilo or two of these boilies by Dynamite and give them a go on your local water.

What is Robin Red®? your asking, well it’s an ingredient you can add you boilie base mixes, with a peppery, sweet favour carp have continuously been caught on since the 1970’s when carp fishing really began to take shape so you could call Robin Red® a classic ingredient in carp fishing.

Find them here!

Thanks for reading

Thanks for reading my top 5 favourite ready-made carp fishing boilies if your favourites wasn’t mentioned please feel free to comment below I would love to hear them and possibly give them a try.

If you would like to learn more about boilies and especially making your own boilies check out my other post’s and follow my quest to making epic homemade boilies. Tight Lines.

How to give your boilies an big edge over other anglers


Make your own Boilies

Creating your own boilies really does give you the edge on any lake your fishing. Sometimes lakes get hammered on a certain bait and fish get very weary of this so using an unusual bait can often catch you more fish. Having your own recipes also gives you a chance to test the water your fishing and find out what catches.

Chopped baits

Using chopped baits as either free offering or as hook baits can give you a real edge when fish get weary of round baits or even when every anglers on the lake are using round boilies. Chopping your baits can also release the favours at a much quicker rate making your hook bait very attractive.

There are different methods of chopping boilies so if you have more than half a kilo to chop I would use a blender but if you wish to chop hook baits I recommend the Korda Kutter(pictured) or simply just by hand.

Chopped boilies can you an edge

Soaked baits

Soaking your boilies can give you a real edge and can often draw fish to your hook bait or free offerings from all layers of the lake. So when the fish are in mid water, soaked baits can often attract them to feed on the bottom of the lake. There are many purposely made favours and oils available in the tackle shop but you can also soak baits in items found in the supermarket such as tuna oil, oyster sauce etc.

Dusted Boilies

To get the dusted boilie effect simply soak your baits in a favour or oil of your choice then transfer them to a bucket containing some fine ground bait or crum. In recent years many well known anglers have been in favour of this edge and can catch even the most weariest fish.

Image courtesy of chapman angling

Image courtesy of chapman angling

Use Fresh Boilies

It sounds silly but this really does work, if you can afford it buy frozen baits or make your own. When your bait thaws out all the oils and natural favours escape which give your bait a naturally attractive coating which fish love.

If you have boilie edge of your own you wish to share please comment below I’m sure other anglers would appreciate it. If you would like to learn to make your own boilies be sure to check out my other posts.